T60 Racing Wheel (PlayStation 3)

Brand: Thrustmaster
Product Code: T60
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Steering Wheel

-Adjustable steering sensitivity for more precise control
-Realistic linear resistance on the wheel with automatic re-centering
-Wheel-mounted sequential gearbox: 2 digital paddle shifters
-1 “Home” button to activate PlayStation®3 menus 
-Fully programmable on PlayStation®3 with “Mapping” function
-1 D-Pad + 12 action buttons : ergonomic positionning, as on the official PlayStation gamepad for an intuitive gameplay! Easy to reach with thumbs, for optimal comfort.

Pedal Set

-2 progressive pedals for precise acceleration and braking
-Non-slip footrest
-Detachable system: easy to store

2 exclusive fixation systems !

New system: Seated position: 
-« kneetop » system : just position the racing wheel on your knees and start playing! 
-Detachable system 

Central clamping system: 
-Compatible with all kind of desks and tables
-Easy to use

-Optimal stability

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